One week ago my Father-in-Law Calvin Clear  left us behind after an automobile accident. He is rejoicing in the presence of our Savior and we miss him. To say the least this past week has been consumed by
caring for our Mother-in-Law who was also injured in the accident. And, then there was the process of many friends saying good bye at the wake and the funeral service. 

One of the friends who came helped me decide what I thought was the most important thing Calvin had done for our
family. It dawned on me that he was a really great grandfather to our children. And, not just my children but several generations worth of cousins, nephews, nieces and sometimes the children of unrelated friends benefited from his skill as a grandfather. 

When I told the lady that I thought Calvin was the best grandfather I knew of, she asked me what he did that made him so? And, I had the answer in less than a heartbeat. Calvin was just there. He took his time and did things with his grandchildren. He gave my children his time. And therein is the lesson today for those who want to be good parents, and great grandparents. It all comes down to time spent. Calvin was willing to spend it taking grandchildren golfing, attending their games and concerts, graduations and he took them to work. 

My grandchildren learned much about life from Calvin, but mostly they learned how to be good parents and eventually good grandparents. They learned how to spend their time wisely. They learned that the most important skill most of us need in raising children is the willingness to give them our time. 

There is no good way to raise children or  influence your grandchildren if you are not willing to spend time with them.
There are all kinds of biblical examples of this truth. Deuteronomy 6 is probably the best known example that tells us that we are supposed to be teaching our children from the time they get up, along the way to work, on the
way home and as we head to bed.  I suppose that is the lesson that Calvin taught us. When it comes to children love
is spelled t-i-m-e. And, Calvin loved a lot.


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