I am flying at 35000 feet now headed to Seattle, Washington and the Canyon  Community Church. This weekend I have the privilege of teaching several hours on  subjects such as ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and the Problems of  Pain Medication. This is a diverse group of subjects, but they are held together  by several common threads.

The first is that people are looking for hope  for these problems that the labels represent. And "Hope is a good thing" to steal a  line from a well known movie. Parents with children who struggle in the classroom hope to find encouraging answers to the struggle. People who face mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder are looking for hope to deal with their struggles. Military and civilian strugglers with PTSD look for hope that their will calm the fears and dim the memories. People who face chronic pain will come looking for a hopeful way to deal their hurts.

The second  aspect that these "disorders" have in common is that truth is an essential ingredient in the search for hope. Understanding as best we can what secular medicine and psychology mean when they assign strugglers these labels is an important step to finding truth that helps them.  A careful examination of the claims of secular researchers is an aid to sorting out theory from fact. So people come hoping to hear what part of these "disorders" are certain scientific fact and what part is mostly speculation.  Truth is no enemy to the process of helping people with DSM labels.  If the disorder has no known change in the body that can explain the change in behavior then we have the opportunity to look at that behavior through the lens of scripture.

This weekend a common goal for those attending will be to find answers and hope from the Bible to deal with
the thinking emotion and behavior that the labels represent.  I am excited to be able to share the answers that the scriptures offer! If you are in the Seattle area, you can go to fbcmlafayette.org to find information for the
times and location.

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